A Curious Kind of Magic

child kneeling at washing machine

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My daughter regularly kneels with wonder in front of our washing machine, mesmerized by the happenings inside. She greets every snow day as if it were her first time ever seeing snow. That “one word” she goes to look up in her dictionary becomes an adventure of pages upon pages of discovery. Life in her world takes time. It takes detours and do-overs. But it also leads to magic, creativity and connection.

Curiosity always guides us into something magical – even if that magic is simply ordinary life. We know this SO completely in childhood. As we grow though, learning to focus, commit and “stay on track!” we silence so much of our  curiosity that we nearly forget how it sounds.

Nurturing my child’s curiosity takes far more patience that I naturally find on my first grab inward. Sometimes, I force my own rhythm and the world’s linear pace on her. But Sana is a strong spirit. She demands (rightly so) that I fold towards her needs instead of prioritizing my own. When I stop resisting and join her in her curious life, I remember I need this more organic rhythm too.

In this new year, I am bringing less energy to goals or plans and moving towards the dynamic relationship between curiosity and focus. For whatever your 2020 vision holds, may there also be space for wandering and wonder.

With heart,

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