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Size Chart

 Point of Measurement XXS XS S M L
Bust 28"-30" 30"-32" 32"-34" 34"-35.5" 35.5"-37"
Waist 20"-22" 22"-24" 24"-26" 26"-27.5" 27.5"-29"
Hips 30"-32" 32"-34" 35"-37" 37"-38.5" 38.5"-40"
Girth 52"-54" 54"-56" 57"-59" 59"-61" 61"-63"


Fit Tips

Waist should be measured around the most narrow part of your waist just above your navel. 
Hips should be measured below your pelvis at the widest part of your hips and largest part of your bum. 
Our sizing takes into account how some dancers, even if technically size small, prefer a roomier fit and extra girth. Our medium is therefore a half-size up from small (all other sizes are spaced a full size apart). 
Please reach out at hello@jaideedancewear.com with questions about fit and our specialists can guide you to the best option.